Migrate to .NET and Azure through ATX Migration Solutions

ATX Technologies provides innovative tools for the migration of legacy applications to Microsoft .NET technology:

  • Saving time, effort and cost;
  • Maintaining the functionality of the original system;
  • Minimizing business risks.

Each migration solution is based on a toolset that can be customized towards specific customer requirements as necessary. The output is always a modern, multi-tiered application based on .NET recommended best practices.

Migrate to the Cloud

Customers can now migrate applications to Windows Azure, the Microsoft platform for Cloud Computing. Using a combination of ATX's migration tools and SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant), applications and databases can be moved into the Cloud, enabling companies to take advantage of this high-availability, scalable and flexible platform.

Forms2Net Demonstration

What Microsoft say:

“Forms2Net enables a faster, cost effective and safer route towards .NET for companies who are wondering what to do with their legacy Oracle Forms applications.”

Bob Ellsworth, Director Enterprise Platform Modernization, Microsoft Corporation